Medicare Supplement Plan N

Thousands of people who have reached 65 or are retiring are likely to choose Medicare Supplement Plan N to meet their insurance coverage needs. This medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan is going to be in direct competition with the medicare Advantage program; not only that, it will have many similarities to the types of insurance plans most people are already familiar with – employer-sponsored plans and individual health insurance plans. This plan will be unveiled to the public on June 1, 2010, and it’s expected that there will be enormous interest in it.

Medicare Supplement Plan N will be far more reasonably priced than most of the other Medicare supplement plans available, as it will be only about 70% of the cost of Medicare Supplement Plan F. One reason for the appeal of Medicare Supplement Plan N is that consumers will have $20 co-pays for physician visits and $60 co-pays for trips to the emergency room.

The basic price will be roughly in line with the majority of Medicare Advantage plans. However, Medicare Supplement Plan N will provide superior coverage, given that the Medicare Part A deductible and co-insurance will most likely be included in the coverage. Not only that, the Medicare Part B deductible will be covered, together with the other basic benefits. Most consumers don’t mind paying small co-payments, and they will be pleased to see the less expensive Medicare Supplement Plan N, which is so similar in nature and price to the individual or employer-sponsored health insurance plans that most people are accustomed to.

We expect Medicare Supplement Plan N to generate tremendous interest among Medicare beneficiaries, and we’re anticipating thousands of consumers to purchase it once it’s released. The launch of the consumer-oriented Medicare Supplemental Plans will coincide with the cessation of many Medicare Advantage plans, once insurance carriers leave the program as a result of President Obama’s Health Care reform.

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