Medicare Supplement Plan M

Plan M is expected to have many of the same advantages as Plan F, though there will be a few minor differences. One of the best reasons to go with Plan M is that it will be only about 85% of the cost of Plan F.

Cost differences like this can be a big help to anyone’s budget. People who currently have a Medicare Advantage policy may want to look over Plan M to see what it has to offer.

How will patients be affected by Medicare Supplement Plan M? Under this plan, 50% of the Part A deductible will be covered. And for hospitalizations of more than 60 days, Plan M will provide 100% of the co-insurance requirement.

Plan M also allows for 365 additional days of hospitalization after the Medicare limits are reached. The plan also covers 100% of Part B co-insurance requirements for physician, lab, and outpatient costs. And it also covers the expense of the first three pints of blood used during the year, when required.

With this plan, consumers also get a co-insurance payment of as much as $133.50 for every day of any stay in a skilled nursing facility that is more than 21 days in total. During travel abroad, the plan will cover up to 80% of the costs of emergency care. And as with all Medigap policies, Plan M will also have hospice care coverage.

Now that Medicare Supplement Plan M has emerged, consumers who have been using Medicare Advantage need to review the terms of their policies. Over the next few years, Medicare Advantage will see reductions in benefits and higher premiums.

This problem can be avoided with Plan M. For a similar premium price, the consumer can get comprehensive coverage with Plan M, and at a lower cost. It’s important that you discuss the details of the plans you’re considering with an insurance specialist. Our company has a proven track record when it comes to helping consumers make the right decisions.

How can you know that Medicare Supplement Plan M will be beneficial to you? Every supplement plan is provided by a private insurance company, and the plans don’t differ just because they’re being sold by different companies.

However, different companies do indeed charge different prices. Reserve some time to talk to one of our representatives. We can give you quotes from some of the most reputable Medicare supplement providers in the U.S. We will work with you to ensure your coverage suits your medical needs as well as your budget.

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