Medicare Supplement Plan L

Medicare Supplemental Plan L is an option for those seeking a Medicare Supplement policy that has a reasonably priced premium, and still offers a substantial amount of coverage for a wide range of services. This is like Plan K, but Plan L covers a higher percentage of your medical costs, has a lower yearly out-of-pocket amount and out-of-pocket limit, and has a somewhat higher monthly premium.

Medicare Supplemental Plan L coverage includes:

* 100% coverage for Part A hospitalization co-insurance, as well as coverage for 365 days after Medicare benefits cease
* 75% of hospice out-of-pocket sharing of costs
* 75% is Medicare-eligible expenses for the first three pints of blood used that year
* 75% of Part B co-insurance; this does not apply to preventive care services, which are 100% covered
* 75% coverage for con-insurance at a skilled nursing facility
* 75% coverage for deductibles of Medicare Part A
* Annual out-of-pocket limit of $2,310

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