Medicare Supplement Plan J

Before Medicare Part B was launched in 2005, Plans H, I, and I had prescription coverage. When Medicare Part D emerged, insurance companies were no longer able to include prescription coverage on these plans because the Part D coverage was outstanding in every regard. When Plan J had prescription coverage, most people found it just too costly to afford. Now, Plan J can be bought at competitive rates through certain companies. The most comprehensive Medicare Supplement Plan available is Plan J.

Plan F is the option commonly favored by seniors. Plan F and Plan J have two major differences. Plan J will cover as much as $120 of preventative care that isn’t already covered by Medicare, and it also features at-home recovery coverage. When you put the two plans side-by-side, Plan J looks very good.

Here are the major benefits of Plan J:

* Coverage for the Medicare Part A deductible for inpatient hospitalization.

* Coverage for the co-insurance at a skilled nursing facility.

* Coverage for the deductible of Medicare Part B.
* 80% coverage for necessary medical emergency care when traveling abroad (after a $250 deductible).

* Coverage for 100% of excess charges for Medicare Part B.

* At-home recovery coverage. The benefit for at-home recovery pays up to $40 per visit and $1,600 annually for short-term, at-home help for people recovering from an illness, surgery or injury, and who need help with daily living activities, such as bathing, personal hygiene, dressing, and more.

* Preventive care coverage. This benefit pays up to $120 yearly for procedures and tests such as routine physical exams, serum cholesterol screening, diabetes screening, hearing tests, and thyroid function tests.

* Coverage for 50% of the consumer’s prescription drug costs, with a maximum benefit of $1,250 annually after the yearly $250 deductible is met. This is the basic prescription drug benefit.

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