Medicare Supplement Plan G

Medicare Supplemental Plan G is a Medigap plan that some people prefer, since it will cover most major expenses approved by Medicare Insurance. The only payment you will make for the gap that is left by Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B is for the deductible for the Part B calendar year.

The other coverage gaps found with Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan G are related to services that aren’t covered by Medicare, which would include 20% of Part B Excess Charges and Preventative Care. You can get coverage from Plan G for at-home recovery expenses, which Medicare Insurance will not approve.

Areas Covered by Medicare Supplemental Plan G Basic benefits, such as:

* Part B Co-insurance (usually about 20% of outpatient expenses)
* Hospital Co-insurance
* Hospitalization Coverage for 365 Additional Days
* Blood Deductible Coverage

Skilled Nursing Co-Insurance

Part A Deductible

Part B Excess (Only 80%)

Medical Expenses During Travel Abroad

At-home Recovery

Areas Not Covered by Medicare Supplemental Plan G

  • Part B Deductible
  • Preventative Care

With Plan G you will get most of the necessary coverage, and it’s often quite affordable when compared to Medicare Supplemental Plan F. But before you make your final decision, it’s a good idea look around at other deals to find the plan with the best value – especially when it comes to the comprehensive Plan J.

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