Medicare Supplement Plan F

There is only one Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan that covers a type of costs referred to as Medicare excess charges, and that is Plan F. An excess charge is the difference between the amount charged by a physician and the dollar amount that Medicare is required to pay. With this plan, you are protected against any out-of-pocket expenses that could arise if you need treatment which will cost more than Medicare will approve. There is also a high=deductible option with Plan F.

Medicare Supplement Plan F Overview:

You will get the most comprehensive coverage available with Medicare Supplement Plan F. And since this plan covers costs that go above amounts approved by Medicare, you probably will not have any out-of-pocket costs associated with physician or hospital care when you have this plan.

Areas Covered by Medicare Supplement Plan F Basic benefits, such as:

* Hospitalization: pays Part A co-insurance, as well as coverage for 365 additional days after benefits from Medicare stop
* Medical Expenses: pays Part B co-insurance, which is usually about 20% of Medicare-approved expenses, or co-payments for treatment from hospital outpatient services
* Blood: pays for the first three pints of blood used for the year
* Medicare Part A deductible for hospitalization costs
* Medicare Part B deductible for expenses from medical or hospital outpatient treatment
* Medicare Part B excess charges – this amount is the difference between the charges from a doctor or provider and the amount paid by Medicare (up to the Medicare amount limit)
* Expenses for medical emergencies during travel abroad

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